We sadly have to announce that the teacher training 2021 is postponed to next summer. With the current restrictions and COVID situation we had few registrations, and financially, we would also take a risk. 


I) Philosophy
Vision of Family AcroYoga
AcroYoga History
Yoga Philosophy
Massage principles

II) Pedagogy
Physical Development
Stages of the being
Guidelines for each age group

III) Techniques applied to Family AcroYoga classes
Yoga & Partner Yoga
AcroYoga positions for each age group
Mantras & Songs
Circle Ceremony

IV) Methodology
Structuring a Class
Balance between teaching the kids and teaching the adults

V) Class example & Creativity
Progressions & Layering
Storytelling & Sequencing
Class examples

VI) Let’s get started!
Types of classes & Workshops
Marketing strategies

VII) Teaching in a Festival
Preparing a Family AcroYoga Festival
Teaching classes in the festival
Feedback and evaluation of the classes and festival

A minimum of 1 year of AcroYoga practice: Able to base and fly comfortably a stable free star, foot to hand, ninja star and 4-step.
A minimum of 1 year yoga practice
A minimum 10 hours of massage experience both as giver and receiver (Thai Yoga massage or other tradition).
Experience with kids
To bring your inner child and an open mind
* Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the requirements.

APPLICATION: You can apply for the teacher training here

Mon 18 – sat 23 October 2021 (a total of 51 hours)

Circus werkplaats Boost Marcusstraat 48, 1091 TK Amsterdam

€725.00 excluding 21% VAT

* With an Intra Community VAT number (you own a business outside the Netherlands) you pay € 725,- VAT reversed
* Dutch residents and internationals without Intra Community VAT number pay 21% VAT: € 866,75

There are scholarships available for low-income students, application will open in June 1st 2021.
Results will be published and sent by email on August 10th. To Apply register first to the Teacher Training afterwards apply for the scholarship.
€475.00 excluding 21% VAT

ABOUT THE TEACHERS (press links)
Esther Hertog (Amsterdam), Tatjana t’Felt (Copenhagen), Cecilie Hyltén-Cavallius (Copenhagen)


If you cancel 4 months before the start of training you will receive 50% of your deposit back.
If you cancel 3 months before you will receive 30% of your deposit back.
If you cancel 2 months before you will receive 20% of your deposit back.
If you cancel with less than 2 months the deposit will be non-refundable and may not be used for further trainings.

In case we need to cancel the TT due to COVID regulations we will plan new dates for the TT. We will ask you to use your deposit for the new dates or, if you can not participate on the new dates, we will refund the deposit back to you.
Closer to the TT dates we will let all participants know what measurements we must take. 
At all times we will follow government regulations and advice.