Teacher Trainings

Do you want to become a Family AcroYoga Teacher?

If your answer is YES, then register to one of our teacher trainings and become part of the family Acroyoga teachers family!

Our program reveals the art of teaching Family AcroYoga in a safe and caring environment: We offer training with detailed workshops designed to enhance practical Family AcroYoga know-how, together with building body & mind awareness and to cultivate positive thinking, trust & community-oriented thinking. We’ll share various skills including how to ‘manage’ large groups of adults & children, how to establish clear means of communication, how to practice elaborate physical exercises with the specific age groups, and how to make workshops and classes Interesting, Beneficial and Fun for children and parents.

In our ideal world applicants should be advanced AcroYoga practitioners: As experienced AcroYoga teachers ourselves, we found that teaching a Family AcroYoga is quite complex and requires specific skills:
A Family AcroYoga teacher must be able of simultaneously working with both children and adults, Knowledgeable enough to spontaneously switch lesson content, constantly be Attentive of growing children’s physical & mental needs, and Experienced enough to feel which AcroYoga technique is optimal for individual participants at any given moment.

1. Philosophy: Acroyoga history. Yoga Philosophy. Massage Principles
2. Pedagogy: Physical Development. Stages of the being. Guidelines for each age group
3. Techniques applied to Family AcroYoga classes: Acroyoga applied to each age group. Mantras. Yoga. Partner Yoga/Acro
4. Methodology. Structuring a Class. Communication. Applying boundaries with love.
5. Class example & Creativity. Progressions & Layering. Storytelling & Sequencing. Class examples
6. Let’s get started! Types of classes & Workshops. Marketing strategies. Networking
7. Teaching in a Festival. Preparing a Family AcroYoga Festival. Teaching classes in the festival. Feedback and evaluation of the classes and festival


In order to have more time to deepen our training we now combine an online training with onsite  training.

A minimum of 1 year of AcroYoga practice: Able to base and fly comfortably a stable free star, foot to hand, ninja star and 4-step.
A minimum of 1-year yoga practice
A minimum of 10 hours of massage experience both as giver and receiver (Thai Yoga massage or other tradition).
Experience with kids
To bring your inner child and an open mind
* Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the requirements.

Upcoming Teacher training: