We’re passionate about sharing the joy of Family AcroYoga through teaching! Our goal is to spread this love for Family AcroYoga worldwide, and we invite you to join our team of Family AcroYoga teachers.

Our teacher training program focuses on teaching both children and adults in a safe and supportive environment. The training consists of two modules: one for children aged 3-6 and their adults, and another for children aged 7-12 and their adults. You have the option to choose one module however we recommend to complete both. Upon successful completion of both modules, you will earn your Family AcroYoga certification.

Our program is dedicated to teaching Family AcroYoga in a secure and nurturing space. We’ll provide comprehensive workshops to enhance your teaching skills in Family AcroYoga. You’ll learn valuable skills such as managing larger groups of both adults and children, establishing effective communication methods, the physical development of children, conducting engaging physical exercises tailored to various age groups, and creating workshops and classes that are not only enjoyable but also beneficial for both kids and parents.

Module 1: 
Thursday 09/05 – Sunday 12/05/2024 , for kids 3-6 year old
Module 2:
Thursday 19/09 – Sunday 22/09/2024, for kids 7-12 year old

* Upon successful completion of both modules, you will earn your Family AcroYoga certification.


Anyone that enjoys working with children and has basic training skills can apply for the training. During the teacher training we will focus on how to teach acroyoga to adults and children, therefore basic knowledge of physical training is needed. 

When you fill in the registration form – please write what kind of physical background you have. If you are not sure you have the requirements to do the teacher training please contact us and we can guide you.

In the Family AcroYoga teacher training you will learn to simultaneously teach both children and adults. We teach you about growing children’s physical & mental development and needs, practice AcroYoga techniques which are optimal for specific age group and give you many tools to spontaneously switch lesson content if needed.


1. Philosophy: Acroyoga history. Yoga Philosophy. Massage Principles
2. Pedagogy: Physical Development. Stages of the being. Guidelines for each age group
3. Techniques applied to Family AcroYoga classes: Acroyoga applied to each age group. Mantras. Yoga. Partner Yoga/Acro and Games
4. Methodology. Structuring a Class. Communication. Applying boundaries with love. 
5. Class example & Creativity. Progressions & Layering. Storytelling & Sequencing. Class examples 
6. Let’s get started! Types of classes & Workshops. Marketing strategies. Networking
7. Teaching in a Festival. Preparing a Family AcroYoga Festival. Teaching classes in the festival. Feedback and evaluation of the classes and festival

SCHEDULE for both modules

Thursdayzaal 100 
14.00 – 18:30 Studio 100 
Friday – zaal 100
09.30 -11.30 Bali-zaaltje
From 12.00- 18.30 Studio 100 
* optional meal together in the evening
Saturday – CWBoost
13.30 -19.30
Sunday – zaal 100
12.00 – 18.00
Teaching at FESTIVAL Studio 100 
Total hours: 25 hours

Zaal 100: De Wittenstraat 100, 1052 BA Amsterdam (amsterdam west)
Circuswerkplaats Boost: Marcusstraat 48, 1091 TK Amsterdam (amsterdam East)


In an ideal world you have experience with the following things:

  • Working with kids
  • Basic physical training (e.g. acrobatics, acroyoga, gymnastics, martial arts, partner yoga, dance etc). We will ask you to be able to do some AcroYoga exercise: base and fly comfortably a frontbird (airplane), some experience with foot to hand, and potentially an acroyoga washing machines (for example ninja star and 4-step).
  • Some yoga practice and massage experience both as giver and receiver (being comfortable and aware of touch).
  • To bring your inner child and an open mind 😃

* Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the requirements.


Esther Hertog

People often call Esther the Flying AcroYogi, as she literally flies around the world to explore, play, and teach AcroYoga. Since 1997 she’s been teaching children in different settings with great pleasure, and she started training in AcroYoga in 2006. In 2010 Esther became both certified as a Vinyasa yoga teacher and as an AcroYoga teacher. She was one of the first in the world to teach AcroYoga to parents and kids, and it is a natural next step for her, together with her dream team, Tatjana, Mireia and Cecilie to create a Family AcroYoga teacher-training course and Family AcroYoga manual.
Read more about Esther here.

Cecilie Hyltén-Cavallius

Cecilie is a family acroyoga teacher from Copenhagen, giving classes, workshops and retreats in Denmark and abroad. She combines her acroyoga skills with professional training as a physiotherapist to improve children’s’ motor skills, and to bring movement into everyday family life by making children and parents move together. Cecilie has been working several years full time with acroyoga for children and adults together. She is one of the pioneers in the field. Cecilie, together with Tatjana, developed together the Danish Family AcroYoga teacher training. Cecilie now has a beautiful retreat center Kvarnen in Sweden together with Finn Nørkjær. Read about Kvarnen here.


Price for one module:
regular €700
early bird by 09/02/2024 € 550
early bird by 09/03/2024 €600

Price for both modules 
regular €1200
early bird by 09/02/2024 € 1000
early bird by 09/03/2024 €1100


Please fill in this form, send it and we will contact you. LINK TO APPLICATION FORM


  • If you cancel 4 months before the start of training you will receive 50% of your deposit back.
  • If you cancel 3 months before you will receive 30% of your deposit back.
  • If you cancel 2 months before you will receive 20% of your deposit back.
  • If you cancel within less than 2 months the deposit will be non-refundable and may not be used for further training.