Join us in Bend OR  with Deven Sisler and Esther Hertog in June 2022.

Deven Sisler & Esther Hertog are joining forces to offer the first global collaboration of Family AcroYoga teacher training. With combined experience of three decades of teaching AcroYoga, children and families, this week will be nothing short of amazing.

Our 7 day program explores the art of teaching Family AcroYoga in a supportive, safe and caring environment. We will explore share essential skills including: how to ‘manage’ large groups of adults & children; navigating developmental stages and family dynamics; compassionate communication; games, games and more games; how to practice elaborate physical exercises with the specific age groups; the business of yoga; how to share yoga, partner yoga and mindfulness with any age.

Applicants are experienced AcroYoga practitioners who love children and families. A Family AcroYoga teacher must be: able to simultaneously work compassionately with both children and adults, while supporting family dynamics; knowledgeable enough to spontaneously switch lesson content; experienced enough to feel which AcroYoga technique is optimal for the participants at any given moment.

1. Philosophy: Acroyoga history. Yoga Philosophy. Thai Yoga Massage Principles
2. Pedagogy: Physical, Social, Emotional & Family Development. Guidelines for each age group
3. Techniques: AcroYoga for different age groups. Games, Songs & Sounds. Circlasana, Partner Yoga/AcroYoga.
4. Methodology: Structuring a Class. Compassionate Communication. Applying boundaries with love.
5. Class example & Creativity. Progressions & Layering. Storytelling & Sequencing. Class examples.
6. Business of Yoga: Types of classes & Workshops. Marketing strategies. Networking.
7. Teaching: Practice Teaching, Giving & Receiving Feedback. Preparing a Family AcroYoga Festival. Teaching live classes to families in the festival.

A minimum of 1 year of AcroYoga practise: Able to base and fly comfortable, stable Free Star → Straddle Bat → Cartwheel Out/Back in → Straddle Bat; Star → Back Fly → Front Tuck → Star (Four Step); High Flying Whale; Foot to hand.
A minimum of 1-year yoga practice
A minimum of 10 hours of massage experience both as giver and receiver (Thai Yoga massage or other tradition).
Experience with kids
To bring your inner child and an open mind
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about the requirements!

Application available now:

Learn more at,

DATES: June 2022 – exact dates to be announced end of 2021

PRICE: Early bird – $799.00 until July 19th 2020   Scholarship – $550.00 There will be two scholarships available for low-income students, the application will open from the 1st of February until the 1st of May 2021.
Current AY Teacher – $699

Certified acroyoga teachers that primary work as Acroyoga teachers get a reduced price

Full price – $899.00
DEPOSIT – $200
To be paid by 19th of July