We believe everyone can fly and we want to make it a reality.

Our vision for Family AcroYoga is to nurture the existing community and connect teachers and practitioners around the world. We are aware that family acrobatics, family circus, family gymnastics is a practice that naturally arises all over the world for many years already. With Family AcroYoga we would like to create a network in which practitioners, families and teachers can see each other, learn from each other, advertise each other and keep developing this beautiful practice together. 

When working with children there is a big sense of joy and there are also some challenges along the way. The more prepared we can be as teachers and parents the more joy and light we will create around our children. Training ourselves in pedagogical strategies, methodology of teaching, tricks for keeping the attention in class, sharing new moves and flows is a continuous task for all educators. 

Founding Family AcroYoga has been an opportunity to reflect on our way of teaching and developing Family AcroYoga. Recapping our experiences into a teacher training and a manual. We are teachers with different styles and this diversity has been very valuable to us, realizing the more ways and styles we learn the richer our vocabulary will be. Our aim is not to create a style to be fixed and copied but to collect as many different perspectives as possible. The more colours we have in our palette, the more we will be able to understand the unique colour that every parent and child bring along with them. 

We want all children to have the opportunity to fly. And we are hoping to start a dialog with all educators and AcroYoga practitioners about how to share our passion for AcroYoga with the children and families.