Play with your kids.

Tatjana loves AcroYoga and she loves kids and families. So this is the combination that made her develop Family AcroYoga. Tatjana is a certified AcroYoga teacher. She has been teaching yoga, movements and dance for many years. Becoming a mother, she devoted her classes and interest to kids. She has been teaching kids and parents classes in capoeira and gymnastics. Tatjana actually lives and teaches in Copenhagen, Denmark. She founded the Acroyoga Summer Festival Belgium together with her acro partners Marie and Gregory. She is also a social worker and worked in Tåstrupgård for several years with the empowerment of the youth. In 2019 she created the Acroyoga social inclusion teacher training together with Oliver Chamorro and an amazing team. Together they now develop how to use Acroyoga as a tool for social inclusion in the Acroyoga for ALL project.